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Why a Costa Rica Vacation May Be Easier and More Affordable Than You Think

It’s true. Soon 2021 will surrender to the arrival of 2022, and yet somehow we’re still suffering this long-lingering hangover from 2020 called COVID-19…

But it’s time to turn that frown upside down, because a well-deserved vacation in Costa Rica in 2021-2022 can be much more hassle-free and affordable than you might think.

Here’s why:



Just like you, we’d love to see some killer deals on flights… the kind internet rumors are made of. You know, like return flights for $1, just to celebrate the end of so much quarantine…

Okay, maybe that’s a bit dreamy. In truth, the deals probably aren’t going to be quite that good. But everyone, airlines included, really want your business back, and thus, there still are great deals to be had if you’re ready… And more importantly, after so many months of cancellations, the birds are flying again, and direct flights are once again available from multiple destinations in the US, Canada, and Europe. Seriously… have a look!

Finally, in these precious weeks heading up to your cold winter, and the warm, open-arms of Costa Rica’s sunny season, governments are lifting travel bans, airports are open, and in Costa Rica, we’re doing everything we can to establish the perfect mix between convenience and COVID security for your 2021 getaway.

And we’re keeping it totally affordable, which is great news for you.



This 21st century plague has changed a lot, hasn’t it? Economically speaking, we’re still working out the kinks. However, one of the side-effects of all this has been to make your tourist dollar stronger here in Costa Rica than it has been for a long time. Bonus, right?

Heck, yeah. Exchange rates are more favorable now for American, Canadian, and European travelers alike, meaning that your 2021 vacation will actually cost you less than it would have in 2019. After so much sacrifice, why not take advantage of that? It certainly won’t last, so if you’re thinking about it all, don’t wait!


If you follow the tourism news like we do, you’ll see that (for once) the politicians are working overtime to get the ducks all lined up, so that your customs experience, arrival & departure, are both super safe, and as convenient as they can be.

Up-to-the-moment entry requirements for tourists in Costa Rica can be seen right here, however, the policies on this end are pretty set… so here’s a quick, hassle-free summary:

-Everyone entering the country must fill out the online form for a Health Pass, which takes no time at all, and can be found right here. This generates a QR code which is sent straight to your phone, and gives you quick and convenient, COVID-free access to everything you’ll need here for your tourist experience…one code before you get here, and no more questions asked. And no additional costs to you.

What if I’m not Vaccinated?

There are many reasons why some people really don’t care to receive the vaccine. We here have put our faith behind the collective action even if it means some personal sacrifice when it comes to the vaccine, however, that doesn’t put us in a place to judge anyone else.

And it doesn’t mean you can’t come to Costa Rica for a vacation without the vaccine. You can still fill out the health pass, like everyone else. It does mean you have to buy some insurance. THIS REQUIREMENT DOES NOT APPLY TO FULLY VACCINATED ADULTS. Links to approved insurance can be found on the official page for entry requirements, and options include both Blue Cross, and the National Insurance Institute. These present affordable options, and they can be done online from the convenience of your living room couch.


What about COVID tests?

A COVID test showing you are virus-free IS NOT REQUIRED for entering Costa Rica as a tourist. Your home country will have its own policy regarding your return, and, as of the publishing date for this article, both the US and Canada require a COVID test before leaving Costa Rica to head home. However, the good news is, this policy is also under review, and, for example, both Canada and the US are currently considering scrapping the more complex and expensive PCR test in favor of the rapid, and affordable Antigen test. However, regardless of how this works out, Costa Rica will be ready and up to date to provide our guests whatever they need to complete their holiday.


Finally, we’d like to suggest some tricks to affordable travelling here in Costa Rica that don’t necessarily relate directly to COVID, but they will likely be even more available and helpful in this upcoming season, because, well, just like everyone else, we’d love to get this party started again!



We’ve discussed the wide variety of affordable and safe transportation options here before, which you can visit on this link… In short, while car rental certainly has its conveniences and its advantages, it isn’t the only way to have security and independence as a traveler in Costa Rica. Many locations have a variety of professional transportation services, which are much more affordable, and just as convenient… plus, nobody has to be stressing a GPS when you’ve already got a driver who knows the place like the back of their hand. Not to mention the tips and general info you can gather from one of the many courteous professionals waiting for you here



Sticking with the general theme of trusting your local driver or hotelier, why not explore some of the package options available at different locations. The all-inclusive is an option that is not as common or popular in Costa Rica as it may be in say, Cancun or some Caribbean destinations; there’s just too much to do and see here, so most people don’t want to restrict their visit to the hotel grounds.

However, Costa Rica is brimming with boutique hotel options in all its best climate and adventure zones, and many offer tailored options that you can help design yourself. Think about it; instead of waiting until you’re in-country to make your plans, maybe you already know you want to do yoga, go surfing, snorkeling, zip-lining, see a butterfly garden, and stay by the beach. You can plan all of that with the right hotelier, and they’ll put it all together in one price.

COVID can be beat, and it doesn’t have to mess up another vacation season for you and yours. Break free, and come to Costa Rica in 2021-2022. There’s no need to wait any longer!

Pura Vida.

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