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Costa Rica Vacations Yoga Retreat 2022

Yoga Retreat 2022

The Revive Mind Body Retreat is being held here at the Calala Lodge from Tuesday, March 15th, to Sunday March 20th! 

Already planning a visit to beautiful Costa Rica? We invite you to come on a journey with us to revive your mind, body, and soul with the all inclusive Revive Retreat! Revive is all about yoga and mindful movement, holistic health and nutrition, meditation, and adventure.
Your hosts for the 5 day retreat are Kalli and Karoline, two best friends from Massachusetts who have always dreamt about bringing people together through health and wellness.
Costa Rica Vacations Yoga Retreat 2022


Karoline, your certified yoga instructor, specializes in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, and her classes focus on cultivating inner awareness, strength, heart opening, balance, and release through a series of carefully thought out postures. You will leave Karoline’s class feeling connected to your highest self.


Kalli is your certified group fitness instructor, who will be leading the Mindful Movement classes during the retreat. Kalli’s classes are fun, challenging, and energizing! She specializes in mind-muscle connection, and conditioning the body to better improve mobility, flexibility, and strength. You can expect pilates inspired classes that are low-impact, effective movements to help you find your inner strength.

To get all the details on The Revive Retreat, check out their website at http://www.revivemindbodyretreat.com, or email them at revivemindbodyretreat@gmail.com for questions or inquiries on booking your spot!

Costa Rica Vacations Yoga Retreat 2022

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Cuidando a nuestros huéspedes y personal

Al darles la bienvenida nuevamente a nuestro hotel, nos comprometemos a brindarles un entorno seguro que se ajuste a los protocolos de expertos para vencer al COVID-19.

Con amplios espacios naturales mantener el distanciamiento social es muy fácil en nuestro hotel y en Cabuya en general; la playa cercana siempre se encuentra casi vacía y el ¨line-up¨en los puntos de surf nunca están llenos. Nuestras cabañas son independientes entre sí y, en el área del restaurante y la piscina, hay mucho espacio entre las mesas en el restaurante y entre las reposeras de la piscina.
Estas son las nuevas pautas y prácticas que hemos implementado recientemente:

• Nuestro personal recibe continuamente entrenamiento y protocolos operativos actualizados.

• Hemos aumentado la frecuencia de limpieza de nuestras áreas públicas (incluidas todas las superficies, manijas de puertas, baños de restaurante, etc.) y hemos continuado el uso de desinfectantes de grado hospitalario.

• We will continue to adjust food and beverage service in accordance with current food safety recommendations. The buffet breakfast has been replaced with a “á la carte” option.

• Hemos puesto a disposición desinfectantes para manos en todo el establecimiento.

• Hemos aumentado la distancia entre las mesas en el restaurante, reduciendo el número de mesas disponibles.