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Tours y Curso de Buceo con Certificación

Disfruta de la belleza de la vida marina del mundo subacuático en una de las zonas más remotas de Costa Rica.

The seas in our area are uniquely calm, and offer a variety of opportunities for scuba, from the total novice right up to Jacques Cousteau. We work with experienced professionals to provide the right experience to our guests, allowing you the perfect adventure. Our area has everything for diving from turtles, whales and pufferfish, to an authentic sea wreck off the point, lying at 21 meters. There’s so much to see in our part of the sea that it can’t all be mentioned here. Allow us to help you with the planning and execution of a perfect dive trip to round out your vacation.


Esta es una experiencia mágica que no debe perderse.

There are options for horseback riding for the novice to the experienced in our region. We work with local businesses to provide you a stress-free experience, which can include private tours, groups, multi-day trips and lessons, and yes, absolutely the once-in-a-lifetime experience of riding on an untamed stretch of wild coast.

Surf & SUP

Experience the fun and excitement of surfing with Montezuma’s top surf school.

Their proven surf programs are tailored to meet the needs of every surfer, from kids and novices to those ready to hit a two-over. We’re well located in the midst of a number of popular breaks, and we’ll be happy to point you to a wave suitable to your experience and desire. Also be sure to ask about our multi-day surf retreats. Lessons and rentals for SUP boards are also available in our area

Otras actividades.

Reserva Natural Absoluta Cabo Blanco

The Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve is a unique space.

Cabo Blanco literally means ‘white cape’, which describes the great, majestic rock that rises out of the sea off the final tip of land; a sight that rewards those who make the trek through the park to the beach that hides at the very end of the trail. A worthy destination for the outdoor seeker. This park is left almost entirely in its natural state. It is a critical ecosystem for a wide variety of birds, as well as mammals and all manner of jungle life. Aside from the trail, this is a world untouched by humanity.

Isla Cabuya

Cabuya Island does a magic trick twice a day…. it becomes part of the mainland. How?

When the tide goes out, a natural land-bridge emerges, and you can walk right out. It’s a cemetery for locals, and a tranquil space for watching the sea. The Island is also a local favorite for snorkeling, and allows for easy access and calm waters, although at high tide you may want to rent a kayak (Calala has one) or even hire a guide, although a local can direct the adventurous to the best spots right from shore.

Cascadas de Montezuma

The waterfalls on the edge of Montezuma are very popular, and it’s easy to see why.

Running right through the middle of the jungle, the Montezuma Falls consist of three sets of falls, with pools safe for swimming below each one. A guide can be found at the gathering spot (easy to find), or you can just wander up the trail to the very top…a 20 minute leisurely stroll.

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Cuidando a nuestros huéspedes y personal

Al darles la bienvenida nuevamente a nuestro hotel, nos comprometemos a brindarles un entorno seguro que se ajuste a los protocolos de expertos para vencer al COVID-19.

Con amplios espacios naturales mantener el distanciamiento social es muy fácil en nuestro hotel y en Cabuya en general; la playa cercana siempre se encuentra casi vacía y el ¨line-up¨en los puntos de surf nunca están llenos. Nuestras cabañas son independientes entre sí y, en el área del restaurante y la piscina, hay mucho espacio entre las mesas en el restaurante y entre las reposeras de la piscina.
Estas son las nuevas pautas y prácticas que hemos implementado recientemente:

• Nuestro personal recibe continuamente entrenamiento y protocolos operativos actualizados.

• Hemos aumentado la frecuencia de limpieza de nuestras áreas públicas (incluidas todas las superficies, manijas de puertas, baños de restaurante, etc.) y hemos continuado el uso de desinfectantes de grado hospitalario.

• We will continue to adjust food and beverage service in accordance with current food safety recommendations. The buffet breakfast has been replaced with a “á la carte” option.

• Hemos puesto a disposición desinfectantes para manos en todo el establecimiento.

• Hemos aumentado la distancia entre las mesas en el restaurante, reduciendo el número de mesas disponibles.