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Totally Safe Travel Activities in Costa Rica for the time of COVID-19

How to Visit this Coastal Nation During the Pandemic and have the time of your life.

To be clear, we’re very proud to call the country of Costa Rica our home. It’s beautiful, natural, and the people are generally kind, and respectful to one another. This means we pull together well when there is a crisis. In particular, we are proud to be part of a country that has made the collective effort to recognize COVID-19 as the serious pandemic it is, and to make our nation secure for all by getting vaccinated.

For one thing, it means we’re as ready to welcome you back for a taste of paradise as we can possibly be… and if you could really use a break, that is good news for you!

Why Costa Rica’s name, “the Rich Coast” is more meaningful than ever.

Beyond our general assurance that, as a nation, we care about the safety of our visitors, we want to present you with some practical ideas for enjoying a vacation in Costa Rica in 2021 that can limit your potential exposure to COVID-19, and any of its variants. The first step, as we’ve identified, is to get vaccinated, which, out of common sense, Costa Ricans are doing with great diligence.

The next step? Go get in the OCEAN! I mean, the country is named for its coast, and if you haven’t seen it, or even if you have, there are TONS of ways to enjoy the coast and the ocean here without exposing yourself to unnecessary risks.

And in that great list of coastal and ocean activities, there is definitely something for everyone, and every budget. From solo women travellers to families, Costa Rica has something safe, affordable, and totally awesome to offer.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has more beaches and more ocean access than tin foil hat companies have new customers in 2021! The one thing tin foil hat stores and Costa Rica have in common, however, is that there is a custom fit for everyone…

Costa Rica Vacations Totally Safe Travel Activities in Costa Rica for the time of COVID-19

Want to go fishing? Great. What kind? Deep water, off-shore, big catch fishing? We got that for days!
Or maybe something more like the locals do, close to shore in a traditional panga? Of course we have that too…

Maybe fishing isn’t your thing, but surfing is… Well, why didn’t you say so? Look here!

Did you see how NOT crowded those waves are, and how much danger of spreading or catching a virus those surfers AREN’T in? Yeah… that’s our point. Come to the ocean. You’re safe. In fact, the pacific coast of the southern Nicoya Peninsula has some of the best waves, alongside the calmest bays, and some of the nicest beaches, all in one area.

Okay, okay… we get it… surfing, ocean fishing… these just aren’t your thing. Well, how about one of these then?

Kayak tours
Boat Tours
Whale tours

Costa Rica Vacations Totally Safe Travel Activities in Costa Rica for the time of COVID-19

What’s the point? Whatever your speed, there’s a way for you to enjoy yourself safely in Costa Rica’s ocean paradise in 2021. Literally whatever floats your boat. (Sorry… we had to go there.)

So, maybe as far as the whole world goes, we’re not out of the woods yet, but we in Costa Rica are ready to get you back into the ocean, which is almost as good! If you have any questions at all, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.

And most of all, rest assured; Costa Rica is safe, and open for business!

Guía Paso a Paso

Descarga esta guía paso a paso para resolver los problemas más comunes de las impresoras para tenerla siempre a mano.


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Cuidando a nuestros huéspedes y personal

Al darles la bienvenida nuevamente a nuestro hotel, nos comprometemos a brindarles un entorno seguro que se ajuste a los protocolos de expertos para vencer al COVID-19.

Con amplios espacios naturales mantener el distanciamiento social es muy fácil en nuestro hotel y en Cabuya en general; la playa cercana siempre se encuentra casi vacía y el ¨line-up¨en los puntos de surf nunca están llenos. Nuestras cabañas son independientes entre sí y, en el área del restaurante y la piscina, hay mucho espacio entre las mesas en el restaurante y entre las reposeras de la piscina.
Estas son las nuevas pautas y prácticas que hemos implementado recientemente:

• Nuestro personal recibe continuamente entrenamiento y protocolos operativos actualizados.

• Hemos aumentado la frecuencia de limpieza de nuestras áreas públicas (incluidas todas las superficies, manijas de puertas, baños de restaurante, etc.) y hemos continuado el uso de desinfectantes de grado hospitalario.

• We will continue to adjust food and beverage service in accordance with current food safety recommendations. The buffet breakfast has been replaced with a “á la carte” option.

• Hemos puesto a disposición desinfectantes para manos en todo el establecimiento.

• Hemos aumentado la distancia entre las mesas en el restaurante, reduciendo el número de mesas disponibles.