Make your stay a Personalized Yoga Retreat...
Most of us have some familiarity with yoga already, but whether you're a guru or a grasshopper, we offer personalized yoga programs on our seaside platform that cater to individual and couple needs, and are completely flexible. (Get it? Yoga...Flexible...)
We partner with excellent teachers, and will help you design a program that suits you perfectly, which can include meals, massage, surf, and other activities. These are all available a la carte, but why not design your own perfect vacation, and let us prepare it for you, including meal options, all for one, inclusive price...

Beginners to Advanced
Maybe you've been practicing yoga for a while now, experienced its amazing benefits first hand, and are keen for more. Or maybe you've just heard all about it and are keen to experience the magic for yourself. It could even be that you have just started and caught the bug, or need a kickstart to get you back on your mat.
Whatever your reasons or levels of yoga experience, our retreat will help you to go beyond, and possibly even soar above!

Our team are all full-time experienced yoga teachers who can teach classes to a wide range of abilities

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